5 Expensive Legal Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Business

Bootstrapping businesses can be difficult, quite risky and far more expensive than entrepreneurs anticipate, particularly when entrepreneurs adopt advice from the internet, engage in “DIY” documents or execute strategies that aren’t fully thought out. A ‘risk’ is simply a situation that has consequences or loss, danger or damage – all consequences that are best avoided. […]

5 Of The Biggest Legal Mistakes A CEO Can Make

There are many euphemisms to describe a CEO’s importance in a business. Leading is a test of abilities; it is no easy feat and means abundant responsibility. In most cases, such responsibility also brings liability. It is human to make a mistake, but as the age-old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. Here are […]

What To Consider Before Incorporating A Company

Idea to Incorporation to Success seems like a fair few cliché words however any founder can recite memorable ‘painful or painless’ experiences thinking of the start of their entrepreneurial journey. The best way to learn is from mistakes, but hopefully they will not be yours to make. Incorporating a company or getting licensed is not […]

10 Point Checklist For SME Co-Founders

You and your best friend have a great idea on the back of which you decide to start a business. You think this business cannot go wrong at all because you have a trusting relationship. 6 months later your best friend gets distracted with another project and you feel isn’t being dedicated enough to your […]

Every Founder’s Checklist (UAE)

This is a checklist curated by Crimson Legal Limited to cover all early stage startup decisions and documentation from a legal and practical perspective. This checklist may not be copied, transformed, adapted or amended nor used for any commercial purposes by any third party without the prior written consent of Crimson Legal Limited. Checklist Description […]

The Legal Framework Around The Use Of E-Signatures In The UAE

The space of technology is fast paced and its developments in the past decade alone have over exceeded anybody’s imagination. Regulation has no option but to attempt to keep up as much as possible with the ways and means in which the technology evolution, or rather revolution is occurring. In the world of business, technology […]